StyLishi mAmandla

Haneefa Motani in collaboration with Marielle Mclellan are on a mission to power woman, particularly mothers and survivors of domestic violence abuse. Our mission is to facilitate in teaching such woman to make and market accessories such as jewellery, scarves and bags which will be launched at the StyLishi Mama and Baby Affair market in March 2018.

The pilot is due to commence in November 2017 where we will conduct research on how best to execute this initiative on a broad scale in 2018.

Our objectives:
*To allow woman the flexibility to work on their terms thus accommodating the needs of both working women and stay at home mothers
*To ensure high quality products which will be uniquely branded with a brief story of the women who produced the accessories
*To recycle fabric, leather offcuts and haberdashery due to the pollution levels associated with the manufacturing sectors
*To help women to achieve financial freedom, using creativity as a platform to do so.

If you would like to make a contribution by sponsoring goods that can be used in manufacturing, donating your time or money to facilitate, marketing and scaling this project. Please contact StyLishi Mama for more information on