6 Power P’s on Your Path to Success

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6 Power P’s on Your Path to Success

My intention with this blog post is to share some of the valuable insights that I have encountered on my momtrepreneurship venture. I hope to inspire people to have the courage to take a leap of faith and to overcome the two primary fears of rejection and failure which discourage us from reaching for the stars.

1) Passion
There seems to be a common misconception that passion is innate but from my personal experience I have learned that you can discover your passion in the most unlikely places. I was never a fashionista of note but I did know that the philanthropist in me wanted to do something significant to contribute towards social upliftment, particularly for women. Mothers in particular, have the power to change the world through the values that we impart on our youth and yet somehow women are tremendously underestimated and often treated as inferior to men. I also knew that I wanted to get the best education for my children, travel the world and let’s be honest… One needs to achieve financial freedom just to fulfil those two dreams ;). I soon realised that I could make this happen by filling a huge gap in the baby boomers market, allowing me to upskill, empower and create a community of support for women. My point is that, if you have not yet discovered your passion in life, do things outside of your comfort zone like taking up new hobbies. The path of self-discovery is a fun one so don’t overthink it and enjoy the ride.

2) Positivity
As children we are brainwashed to believe that failure is a really bad thing yet what differentiates truly successful people from the rest is that they see failure as an opportunity to learn and better themselves. By doing your research and taking calculated risks you can mitigate that fear but remember, mistakes are inevitable when venturing into the unknown. What matters is that you stay positive and motivated to keep pushing on.

3) People
The power of mastering people skills is fundamental to achieving success. Complex creatures, no doubt, but they have the power to make or break you. Learn to read people by observing their non-verbal cues and by listening more than you speak. Ascertain their strengths, weaknesses, what makes them feel special and annoyed. Relationship building and negotiating are much easier tasks when you are a ‘people’s person’- which is something that can be learned contrary to popular belief.

4) Prioritising
It is imperative, especially for mothers who tend to play many roles, to have a plan of action and more importantly to stick to it. Set realistic goals, take baby steps to achieve them and have contingencies in place to allow for flexibility. I often read articles that stress the importance of adopting habits of successful people such as waking up at the crack of dawn, meditation, networking with like-minded individuals, cold showers and the list goes on. While all of these tips are great, success is not a one size fits all type of thing so… do whatever the f@*# works for you!

5) Perseverance
The brutal reality that you will face on your journey to success is that people will let you down- sometimes ones that you really trust and respect and that you will make mistakes- sometimes costly ones. How will you react? Always hope for the best BUT mentally prepare yourself and budget for disappointments.

6) Play to your strengths
While I’m all for continuous learning and growth, I think it’s important to leverage your inner powers and outsource the crap that brings your energy levels down. There is a common misconception that it is very expensive to hire employees, however it can be done cheaply and effectively, whether you opt to hire an intern, an app or a virtual PA. I recently discovered that my 10 year old niece loves typing, so I gave her a bunch of tedious admin work to do and the job was meticulously done which made me all for child labour provided that the kid is smart. What would have taken me hours to do and caused me terrible aggravation ended up costing me 50 bucks, which according to her parents was a fair pay but I threw in a chocolate too for good measure 😉
Lastly I want to conclude with a quote that has inspired me throughout my darkest days. Something that my father told me when I was little and that I’ll never forget…
“To try and to fail, is to learn… To fail to try is to suffer the inestimable loss of never knowing what might have been.” Omar Motani